Our hospital can provide the following types of procedures performed on certified equipment of well-known brands. All medical personnel are appropriately qualified and trained in the skills required for the sessions. We have an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine for an outpatient hemodialysis package and provide a number of services free of charge.


Performed on a certified apparatus that allows both plasma exchange and hemosorption. It is used for a number of conditions, in particular autoimmune diseases, poisoning, diseases affecting the skin.More Information + »


Water purification system and 13 machines for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration, isolated ultrafiltration sessions. Treatments are free with an electronic referral from a nephrologist.Read More + »

Lab tests

Our laboratory conducts lab tests in several sections of clinical laboratory diagnostics: clinical urine tests, biochemical analysis, hematological studies. The quality of the results is ensured by an in-laboratory control system.More Information + »


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