Hemodialysis Department

Department of hemodialysis CNE “City Hospital No. 2 named after St. Anne” KCC has been operating since 2017. Its function is to provide renal replacement therapy to patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease.

Currently, the procedure is performed on 13 certified devices of German brands Fresenius and BBraun, that are able to provide the procedure of hemodiafiltration, hemodialysis, hemofiltration, isolated ultrafiltration. The water purification system, also from Fresenius, constantly purifies dialysis water by reverse osmosis, allowing to remove excess salts, chlorine, bacteria, and other substances that are unacceptable for the HD procedure. Water quality is regularly monitored, and the purification system itself, as well as the machines, are regularly serviced. To ensure an uninterrupted power supply, there is a diesel generator, which will not stop the session even in the event of an emergency power outage.

In 2020, more than 9,000 such procedures were performed on more than 70 patients. By 2021, the department is ready to provide the procedure to 78 patients of Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovohrad region, and Ukraine in three dialysis shifts 6 days a week.

Our patients have access to:

  • The wards are equipped with TVs, comfortable armchairs, and beds for a comfortable session.
  • Locker rooms with closets for storing personal belongings.
  • Free Wi-Fi access.
  • For low-mobility groups, the entrance to the department is equipped with a ramp, as well as wheelchairs for transporting people with musculoskeletal disorders.

All patients are monitored monthly for laboratory blood and urine tests to determine the effectiveness of sessions, monitoring hemoglobin levels, correction of anemia, and other related complications associated with renal failure. In case of deterioration – the department is equipped with a first aid kit, pulse oximeter, cardiograph, defibrillator, and an oxygen concentrator. When diagnosing serious complications, the patient will be consulted with the issuance, if necessary, of an electronic referral to an appropriate specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

The department has an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine on a package of hemodialysis in an outpatient setting. Everything is computerized, patient data is transmitted through the medical information system to the eHealth database.

From 2018, plasmapheresis and hemosorption services will be provided on the basis of the division. Different hemosorbents and filters are available to help people with various health conditions.

Head of the department Telnyi Serhii Hryhorovych – nephrologist, surgeon, with many years of experience.

Doctors of the department:

  • Liakhovych Iryna Tarasivna – nephrologist.
  • Krutko Yuliia Hryhorivna – nephrologist.
  • Sobol Roman Olehovych – physician

Senior nurse Bulatova Nataliia Vasylivna has the highest qualification category in the specialty of the nurse.

The department is fully staffed with middle and junior medical staff. Nurses know all the manipulations that are necessary for a session of renal replacement therapy.